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Stranraer is changing.

Be a part of the change rather than watching the change.

Join our meetings, read the blogs, comment on social media. Have your say and help create a town you will be proud of.

Artist Opportunity

Street Artist required for Stranraer

The Creating Stranraer project (Stranraer Development Trust) would like to commission a contemporary street artist to paint the first major wall painting in the town as a precursor to a planned Street Art Festival in the town (summer 2023).

Listening and Visioning Meetings

August 25th, Millenium Centre, Stranraer, 6.00-8.30 pm

No Meeting in September

Wednesday 26th October

Tuesday 22nd November

No Meeting in December


Meet Janet Jones

Your new Art and Engagement Officer, creating a vibrant town of Art and Culture, starting by bringing out the Stranraer talent and assets and telling the world.

“This journey is for you. Make sure to be on it.”

Listening and Visioning Meeting One

This was a ‘getting to know you’ opportunity and for the town to discover Janet’s unwavering enthusiasm

It was a huge success. It seemed like people want to be a part of the changes.

The first thing to do is listen. This was an opportunity to discover the assets of the town from the perspective of the people.

HERE you can read about the first Listening and Visioning Meeting in June, held at the Millenium Centre.

Listening and Visioning with local Artists

Meeting number one - From the first meeting, it became apparent that the local groups of talent would benefit from individual meet ups. On the 26th of June, Janet started with the very talented visual artists of Stranraer and the Rhins.

To discover more of the creative ideas that will make the town more inspiring but also boost the economy, read this blog

Listening and Visioning Meeting Two

Wow this really got rocking. Janet doubled the number of people in the room. Mr Gillespie, of Gillespie Bakers donated the delicious cakes. Caroline Cameron, brought tasters of her vegan baking and got a commission for some baking. Catriona McGhee, sang Caledonia and everyone joined in

That was the environment that inspired creativity and an abundance of ideas. If you were unable to be there, or would like to be reminded of what we covered and the conversations, Janet has written an informative blog

Don’t be kept in the dark

When you are on the list, you will hear all the news of Creating Stranraer and you won’t get left behind. You will be ready to embrace the new and benefit from it.

Creating Stranraer

You can find Janet at Stranraer Development Trust

Gateway to Galloway, The Clock Tower, Stranraer.

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