Listening and Visioning meeting one

Meetings to make Stranraer beautiful and prosperous again

It takes a community to build a community, in the meeting we dived in and discussed the amazing assets Stranraer already has:-

  • The Architecture. It needs love and attention and some new ideas but we have it and it is amazing.

  • Agriculture – The Young Farmers are an inspiration.

  • Local History – The WW2 stories, Sir John Ross, Arctic Explorer.

  • The Arts – Here we can make a big splash. It has been proven the world over that regenerating a town with Art and Culture is great for morale, retail, inspiring young people and giving them hope and a strong vision of the future. In Stranraer we have artists, performers, musicians, writers and so many more talents. Look out for this being more visible in the streets.

Making the most of our beauty

  • Geographical Locationthe land/sea and the environment. This makes us unique and worth making the effort to come and see. Not only are we the Gateway to Ireland, we offer activities on the water, bird and seal watching, and nature that David Attenborough would be jealous of. We can offer walking, cycling, scuba diving. The opportunities to develop are endless.

  • Gardens – Rolling garden landscapes to enjoy, from the Botanical garden, stately gardens to community gardens and harvesting gardens. A wide range to be enjoyed by visitors and the community.

  • The People – the people are the greatest asset of all because we all play an important role to make all this happen. There aren’t many communities left in the country, let’s hold on to this one and make it stronger. We will be looking at ways to create opportunities for young people and creative ways to bring all generations together more regularly.

We have other assets, such as restaurants making meals with local produce, Visitor and Tourist Industry, Retail, local crafts and bakers. There are so many. In the coming months and years, we will be putting all of this on the map to share Stranraer as a place to visit and for some people, like me, put down roots.

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What people say about the meetings

“WOW! JustWOW! Thank you for leading such an inspiring session. You could feel the energy in the room.” Carole McShane, Chef Lecturer, Stranraer College.

Creating Stranraer

You can find Janet at Stranraer Development Trust

Gateway to Galloway, The Clock Tower, Stranraer.

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